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is a fragrant, tropical fruit that smells citrusy and a little bit spicy.

Birch is musky and bold with and stark earthy notes.

Blackcurrant has a spicy, woodsy yet a little fruity note
that creates a fresh and tangy aroma.

Black Pepper is a distinct scent that smells crisp and

Bushman Candle smells like breezy floral notes that are
not as sweet, but airy and a little spicy.

Cedarwood smells has a fresh woodsy smell with citrusy
undertones to create a bold scent.

Cinnamon has a bold scent with warm, sweetness and rich

Clove is a powerful scent that is sweet and spice with
light fruity tones.

Creamy Jasmine
is aromatic and creates a rich floral scent, but it is not overpowering.

Fresh Green Tea
is a revitalizing scent that smells fresh and clean with a touch of light sweetness.

Gaiac Wood
has a rosy, honey-sweet and smoky aroma that often gives off earthy and musky notes.

Golden Apple comes from the fresh apple harvest that brands the fall season, and it creates a warm and rich fruit scent.

Jasmine Absolute smells like a rich, but fresh, floral
with touches of greenery and natural sweetness.

Juicy Mandarin
smells like an explosion of zingy citrus from a freshly peeled orange.

Juniper Berry smells like fresh pine trees with a hint of
berry undertones.

Laurel Oil is a classic woodsy scent with slight herbal
Lush Lily of the Valley smells like floral notes floating on a breeze as it is aromatic, but light and airy.

Mandarin is a fresh burst of bright citrus to create a
zingy and distinguished scent.

Orange smells like zingy citrus with slight burst of

Osmanthus Flower is a sweet smelling flower that gives off more of a fruity sweetness.

Peach creates a burst of sweetness through succulent and juicy fruit tones.

Pink Pepper has sweet and rosy undertones that create an
almost fruity spice.

Red Seaweed has a very distinct smell similar to the
ocean and adds a bold scent.

is a classic, light, floral scent that adds freshness.

Rosemary Oil smells similar to a pine tree with herbal
tones and earthy notes.

Salty Driftwood
smells like wood doused in fresh seawater and adds aromas reminiscent of fresh ocean air.

Sichuan Pepper is not a crisp spice like other pepper,
but has slight lemony overtones that create a bold, unique scent.
Sea-Salted Caramel
smells like warm and delicious sweetness with a hint of cinnamon.

Spearmint smells like a refreshing minty burst with notes
of greenery.

adds a light sweetness, and smells like the creamy, classic sweet treats.

Warm Amber
smells rich and earthy, and creates a bold tone.

Wild Freesia
is a sweet-smelling flower, milder than fruit with high notes of honey and mint.