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Wild Spirit Blog

For a clean yet fruity and floral everyday perfume, you need Candy Heart in your collection. This perfume makes work from home more fun with its sassy scent, but doubles as the final touch to your most stylish look. Think dinner with your BFFs in your favorite dress and doc marten boots after a day of kicking butt and taking names.
Using the last drop of your favorite perfume is definitely one of the biggest downers. But the good news, (aside from your replacement perfume being available on our website!) is that you can reuse your perfume bottle in creative ways!  Instead of tossing the bottle  away, upcycle your perfume bottle into something useful and fun.
Perfume may just be a small step in your morning routine, but picking the right scent and allowing it to inspire your headspace may positively affect your outlook. Chill’s relaxing, warm scent created a good vibe and made for a positive day.
Pulse points are the best places to spray perfume if you want to make your perfume last longer. The body heat that emanates from your pulse points optimizes your perfume and keeps refreshing your scent as you go about your day.
We all love our perfumes, especially since fragrance is an essential step in any beauty routine, but how do we store that bottle to keep it fresh so it lasts a little longer? Here are a few tips about perfume’s expiration and how you can make sure your perfume lasts quite a long time.
Scent is a powerful sense, it can remind you of some of your favorite moments and people, transport you to a new place, and even elevate your mood. Here are a few of our favorite fragrance moments.
Perfume Mocktails are new, unique blends created by mix and matching favorite Wild Spirit fragrances. Whether mixing an Eau de Parfum spray with a perfume rollerball or two different perfume atomizers, you are turning your vegan fragrances into one of a kind scent experiences.
Sometimes the “mist and runway-walk through” doesn’t offer a long lasting scent experience and some days you’d like a little scent surprise with every hair flip. These top tips are our guide for ultimate scenting.

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