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Making Perfume Last Longer

Making Perfume Last Longer | Wild Spirit

Here are our top four tips for making your perfume last longer.

You know those days when you’re busy running around from sunup to sundown, and all you want is for your perfume to keep up with your non-stop schedule? Well, here are our top four tips for making your perfume last longer!

Pulse Points LOVE Perfume

It’s true, your pulse points are the most “perfume-friendly” parts of your body. Pulse points include your wrists, the creases of your elbows, right below your ears, the bottom of your throat, and behind your knees. 

Making Perfume Last Longer Article

Pulse points are the best places to spray your perfume if you want to make the scent last longer. The body heat that emanates from your pulse points optimizes the fragrance and keeps refreshing your scent as you go about your day.  We recommend spraying perfume on each wrist, dabbing them together, and touching each wrist below your ears for a scent that lasts.


Dab, NO Rubbing!

Surprisingly, dabbing as opposed to rubbing makes a huge difference in the longevity of your perfume. If you rub your wrists together after applying your perfume, it will minimize your perfume’s scent by pushing it into your skin. 

By dabbing your wrists together instead of rubbing, it allows your fragrance to aerate instead of being pushed into your skin. Your perfume will last longer if you dab!


But First, Moisturize

This is a hack that is so easy, but works so well. Before spraying your perfume, apply your favorite unscented lotion to the skin you’re about to spray. The moisturizer will hold your scent longer and release it more steadily, making it last longer on your skin.

We recommend an unscented moisturizer to get the full effect of your perfume, but feel free to mix scents with any of your favorite moisturizers. First, smooth the moisturizer on your wrists, under your ears, and on the creases of your elbows. Then take your Spring Jasmine Eau de Parfum (or any Wild Spirit perfume) and spray it on your freshly moisturized skin.


Spray on Your Hairbrush

Perfume should not be sprayed directly onto hair, but hair does hold scent very well. Experts say that alcohol content in perfume may dry your hair, so you should avoid spraying it directly on your tresses.

We suggest misting a hairbrush or comb with perfume before brushing your hair. This will gently apply a fine layer of perfume to your hair without directly spraying your strands!  Hair holds scent very well, so applying some perfume via your hairbrush is a great way to make your scent last longer.

If you’re inspired and ready to get your vegan perfume on, check out all of our incredible scents. We know your forever fragrance is waiting for you!


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