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Does Perfume Expire?

Does Perfume Expire? | Wild Spirit

Proper storage is vital for perfume freshness, so we’ve compiled some quick storage tips to help make your fragrance last as long as possible.

We all love our perfumes, especially since fragrance is an essential step in any beauty routine, but how do we store that bottle to keep it fresh so it lasts a little longer? Here are a few tips about perfume’s expiration and how you can make sure your perfume lasts quite a long time.

Yes, perfume can expire.

Does Perfume Expire Article

Perfume does expire eventually, and it is recommended that you use your perfume within a 24-month time period. During this time your fragrance will be the freshest and should retain its original scent. Aside from using your perfume within the 2 year suggested shelf-life, there are a few ways to maximize its shelf life with proper storage.


Hidden from the sun

One of the key factors in fragrance is proper storage. As much as we love the sunshine, our fragrances do not. Direct sunlight can break down the ingredients in perfume that makes it smell so good.

If your fragrance starts to turn a different color, that might be an indicator that maybe the windowsill is not the ideal place to keep it. Direct rays can affect the composition, so try to keep it in a dark place out of direct sunlight.  A fun storage container, a nice vanity tray, or a shelf in your bathroom are ideal places to store your favorite fragrances.

Keep it cool

Does Perfume Expire Article

Fragrance loves AC as much as we do, but all year round. Make sure you do not keep your fragrance in hot spaces, because sunlight and heat messes with the composition. This can manifest in a different scent or color than your original perfume. If you keep your fragrance in cool spaces, it will last longer! 


Now that you know how to store your favorite fragrances, check out how to make perfume last longer on your skin!

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