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The WILDEST Holiday Season

The Wildest Holiday Season

Holiday Ideas Inspired by our Favorite Vegan Perfumes

Time to get in the spirit and spread some cheer, the Wild Spirit holidays are HERE! To get in the mood, we’ve compiled some super fun, festive holiday activities inspired by our favorite perfumes. Whether you like crafting or playing outside, we’ve got an activity and perfume for you!

Driftwood Holiday Inspired Décor

Driftwood is our fan favorite perfume. With hints of specialty mint, sandalwood, salty ocean breeze and star jasmine, this scent makes every day feel more fun. This fresh and airy scent makes quite the impression, which inspired us to make some unique holiday décor!

The Wildest Holiday Season Blog

This is a super cute decoration that works anywhere in your home and is so easy to make. All you need is a stick (we literally found our stick outside), some twine, and ornaments which can be from your collection or purchased.

First, decide how many columns of ornaments you want and cut that many pieces of string. For example, we have five columns of ornaments, so we cut five pieces of string. Next, tie (or glue) your ornaments to the string, spaced out in a way you like, we tied three ornaments on each string. Last, tie the tops of your string columns to your stick, spaced to your preference. You can always spice it up with evergreen pieces or tinsel, but now you have your very own homemade décor inspired by Driftwood perfume!

Sweet & Dreamy Chill Cookies

Chill is a sweet and creamy perfume that combines warm soft musk with delectable golden apple harvest, vanilla, and hints of salted caramel. This scent is completely irresistible and wraps you in a cozy cocoon!

The Wildest Holiday Season Blog

Obviously, we had to make some Chill inspired homemade holiday cookies! We wanted to go for the frosted sugar cookie vibe so we could decorate them with our families. Using different cookie cutter shapes, we made hearts, stars, and more.

If you’re looking for a recipe, we found a yummy one from Pinterest.

Rosy Glow Happiest Hour Zoom

Rosy Glow is a juicy and floral fragrance that combines succulent peach, lychee rose, and bergamot with a pinch of pink pepper for subtle spice. Rosy Glow is a fun and flirty scent perfect for the social butterfly and gives you a touch of unstoppable confidence.

The Wildest Holiday Season Blog

The Rosy Glow holiday activity is a Zoom Happiest Hour with your far away besties. If you can’t meet up in person for brunch, why not have a festive Facetime or Zoom catch-up?

We made ours extra special by mailing invitations ahead of time so each of our besties felt extra special with a mail invitation. To make out invites totally magical, we spritzed them with a touch of Rosy Glow before putting them in the envelope!

First Snow Stroll

First Snow is our most distinctive, striking scent. Combining a unique contrast of crisp aromatic notes and black pepper highlighted with signature creamy Bushman's Candle, this scent was made to stand out!

The Wildest Holiday Season Blog

What are the holidays without a bundled walk through a winter wonderland?! First Snow’s crisp, aromatic notes are the perfect inspiration for an outdoor adventure. Whether surrounded by lush forests, invigorating city streets, or snow-covered fields, take some time to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air.

When you take a walk outside you can reset your brain, take time to think, be inspired, and even see some amazing holiday decorations. All you need are warm clothes and a spritz of First Snow perfume.

Spring Jasmine Arts & Crafts

Spring Jasmine is a floral and fresh perfume combining a petally white floral creation with creamy jasmine signature and specialty tea notes. For the perfect amount of feminine charm, this perfume is IT!

The Wildest Holiday Season Blog

We’re using our Spring Jasmine cuteness to inspire some handmade holiday cards. Putting the time and effort into making something for someone special means the world, and who doesn’t love getting mail?!

To make the most epic holiday cards, we found scrap paper, leftover wrapping paper, extra twine, glue, tape, and every marker in the house and just started creating. Feel free to get creative and make holiday collages, exercise your drawing skills, write loving notes, and even add glitter. HINT: spritz your holiday cards with a Spring Jasmine mist for a scented surprise upon opening!

Try some of these activities for extra cheer this month and spritz your favorite vegan perfumes for added encouragement. All of the scents mentioned above can be found here!

Happy Holidays!


The Wild Spirit Team

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