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Sustainably Sourced

Wild Spirit products are sustainably sourced.

What It Means

Wild Spirit Perfumes

More than ever before, consumers are interested in the process of products causing more beauty brands to seek more natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. "Green" and "sustainable" are defined as beauty products using natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials such as naturals oils and plants. It is the integration of social, ethical, and environmental performance factors while selecting our suppliers.

Why We Care

As consumers, one of the biggest hurdles we face when it comes to making more eco-conscious purchases is having the time to research all of the ingredients. Being sustainably sourced includes environmental responsibility, increased effectiveness, and long-term health. It is the sourcing of ingredients with close consideration to the impact on the environment. In other words, sustainably sourced ingredients involve both environmental and social impacts related to the production and farming of the ingredients.

Driftwood Rollerball and Perfume Atomizer

At Wild Spirit, we are proud and committed to use sustainably sourced ingredients. We put a lot of love and care into every perfume and proudct we make, and it’s important for us to work with suppliers who do the same. We care about you and we care about the planet. We put in our best efforts to protect, preserve, and care for the planet by taking appropriate action to limit our harm to Mother Earth.

How It Benefits You

By understanding more about what goes into a product, consumers can make sure their impact on our environment is a more positive one. It's not only about being cruelty-free, and vegan (which we are),  sustainability is big word that covers our role to play to ensure our planet can flourish for years to come.

The green and clean market is growing exponentially, and choosing raw, natural materials to be a part of all Wild Spirit products is a safe choice - both environmentally and economically. Being accountable for the ingredients we use ensures they are of high quality and well sourced while also considering the long-term impact of the ingredients on our global health.

How We Support It

First Snow Fragrance Gift Set

Our commitment to people and planet applies to everything we create. Here at Wild Spirit, we're all about small acts of love that care for you and our planet. We're aware of the harmful impact that beauty products can have on the earth, whether it's in the form of ingredients or packaging.

At Wild Spirit, we love our customers and strive to give them the quality products they deserve, while doing our best to keep sustainability in mind.



We believe that what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in them. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, contain natural essential oils and are free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and dyes.  Proudly made in the USA.  We will continue making planet-conscious decisions by choosing materials that will not compromise the quality of our products or the environment. Learn more about our clean beauty standards.

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