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5 Reasons to add Wild Spirit Perfume to your Routine

5 Reasons to add Wild Spirit Perfume to your Routine | Wild Spirit

Spritzing your Wild Spirit perfume is one quick step you don’t want to miss!

You overslept, you missed your bus, you only have one shoe on, and you will most definitely be late since your mascara is MIA. Even when your 25 minute routine has to become a 2 minute speed round, spritzing your Wild Spirit scent is one quick step you don’t want to miss and here are five reasons why.

Guaranteed AH-MAZ-ING Aromas

This might be the most obvious reason, but a spritz of perfume guarantees that you will be smelling amazing throughout the day. Historically, perfume has been used to keep away unwanted body odors and ensure that your scent is at optimal fabulousness. Using Wild Spirit products that are totally vegan and free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes means that you will definitely smell fresh throughout the day.

Driftwood is the perfect everyday scent for energy and awesomeness. If you’re looking for that light and airy, yet energetic and noticeable scent, Driftwood is your go-to. With star jasmine, wild freesia, cedarwood, and soft whisper musks, this scent prepares you for whatever adventure comes your way.

Total Mood Booster

Perfume can absolutely enhance your mood. If you’re feeling wonky, sometimes a dab of a scent that makes you happy can lift spirits. Many times, people will pick a scent that enhances a good mood or emulates a desired feeling. Perfume can make you feel happy, powerful, playful, mysterious and more.

Rosy Glow Perfume

Wild Spirit Rosy Glow is a guaranteed mood booster. A juicy and floral scent full of vivacious notes like succulent peach, bergamot, andy lychee rose with a pinch of pink pepper always turns heads. The subtle hint of spice adds an element of mystery to the overall lively, playful scent, aka the perfect vibe.

That Confidence Though

Your favorite Wild Spirit scent can absolutely boost your confidence. When you know you smell incredible and look the part, it’s hard to not walk with a pep in your step. It is an invisible layer that still says a lot about you. A spritz of a scent you know is stellar plus a smile in the mirror can have you ready for anything.

First Snow Perfume

First Snow is the Wild Spirit scent that is an ultimate confidence boost. This bold and spicy scent allows you to feel powerful and unstoppable wrapped in notes of black pepper, guaiac wood, juniper berry, birch, lemon, orange, vanilla, and Bushman’s candle. 

Play on your Natural Beauty

No matter your favorite look, perfume is that invisible accessory that can totally pull your look together. It is that extra layer that adds to your natural beauty or glam look, you just know you look and smell amazing. Certain fragrances work differently with different body chemistries, meaning your natural makeup can totally enhance a scent.

Spring Jasmine Perfume

Spring Jasmine is the Wild Spirit scent that is perfectly delicate and floral. This fragrance is light and fresh and adds a little feminine flirtation to every day, really the only accessory you need.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of the incredible appeals of perfume is the memories a scent can bring to the surface. Certain floral fragrances can remind you of your childhood home in the springtime, a woody scent can correlate to an unbelievable vacation, and a sweet scent can make you think of your favorite coffee shop on a fall morning.

Wild Spirit Chill is a sweet scent that will make you feel like enjoying your favorite breakfast in a chunky sweater on a crisp morning. Notes of delicious golden apples, vanilla, cinnamon, with a dash of ocean breeze, and rich salted caramel combine for a totally dreamy scent. 

Not sure which scent is for you? Check out our scent finder and pick your vibe!

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