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My Day in Rosy Glow Perfume

My Day in Rosy Glow Perfume | Wild Spirit

Working in the fragrance business, I constantly think about how a scent makes you feel and the emotions that come from a particular blend. I’ve always loved Wild Spirit Rosy Glow, and decided to live out what I write by having a day inspired by Rosy Glow.

Wild Spirit Fragrances Rosy Glow perfume is a vibrant and juicy blend with notes of succulent peach, lychee rose, bergamot, and a pinch of pink pepper for subtle spice. 

MY Day in Rosy Glow Perfume Article

Living and working in New York can be taxing, so one of the most important factors in living in the city is a positive attitude. By adopting fresh perspectives, you see the city through different lenses that allows the charm to stay intact.

When I smell Rosy Glow, I think vivacious, bubbly, inquisitive, radiant, and passionate. I decided to spend my day in Rosy Glow living out these words in my look, my mindset, my experiences, and my actions.

My Day in Rosy Glow Perfume Article

In the morning, I decided to throw on a pink sweater instead of my basic black and white. Rosy Glow makes you feel like life in color, especially when getting ready in the morning. I went for more of a natural, glowy makeup look, and loosely curled hair.  

Once I was all ready to go, I sprayed my Wild Spirit Rosy Glow on my wrists and touched them together. It’s important not to rub your wrists, so the fragrance lasts longer! I then dabbed my wrists to the pulse points on my neck for optimal Rosy Glow.

I started my day walking in the brisk sunshine to my favorite coffee shop, and changed up my order.

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