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Perfume Layering: Fragrance Mocktails

Perfume Layering: Fragrance Mocktails | Wild Spirit

How to Layer Perfumes

It’s a known fact that sometimes we need to spice up our everyday fragrance routine to keep things exciting. That’s why we created Wild Spirit Perfume Mocktails, the ultimate inspo for smelling unlike anyone else, and turning heads.

Mocktails are new, unique blends created by mix and matching favorite Wild Spirit scents. Whether mixing a perfume spray with a rollerball or two different perfume atomizers, you are turning your vegan fragrances into one of a kind scent experiences.

We asked the whole Wild Spirit team for some of their favorite mix-n-match mocktails and here are the combos and names they created.


Pretty in Pink

Spring Jasmine Perfume + Rosy Glow Perfume

If you’re in the mood to be feminine and vivacious, this blend of Rosy Glow and Spring Jasmine is perfect for you. Rosy Glow’s juicy scent with Spring Jasmine’s breezy floral goes with any outfit and any date night.















For mocktail, we use a 30mL Eau de Parfum of Rosy Glow and a 30mL Eau de Parfum of Spring Jasmine. Spritz your Spring Jasmine on one wrist, and spritz your Rosy Glow on your other wrist. The dab your wrists together (NO RUBBING) and you are totally Pretty in Pink.  




Driftwood Perfume + First Snow Perfume
Sometimes, you can get some energy from literally anything, so meet this unstoppable combo of First Snow and Driftwood. Driftwood’s refreshing scent with First Snow’s bold spiciness feels like spice, citrus, and freshness floating on a crisp breeze.


To apply this fragrance mocktail, roll your First Snow rollerball on your wrists and the crooks of your elbows. Before dabbing, roll a little Driftwood over your First Snow then dab everything all together for a burst of vegan fragrance. 


Birthday Cake

Chill Perfume + Rosy Glow Perfume

Sweet tooth alert! The Birthday Cake, a blend of Rosy Glow and Chill, is the perfect match for the unrelenting sweet tooth. Chill’s dreamy, sweet blend with Rosy Glow’s juicy, liveliness makes you feel only how your favorite birthday cake can, complete!















To fully experience Birthday Cake, we use our Rosy Glow 30mL perfume and our Chill rollerball. Mist your Rosy Glow on your hair and inner elbows, roll your Chill on both wrists, and then dab together for your scent sugar rush.


Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a nice drive with the windows down? The Road Trip is one of the BEST combos for the perfume-lover who wants a little floral, with a little sweet, and a lot of fresh. This Driftwood and Rosy Glow mix feels like driving with the windows down on a spring day.

Driftwood Perfume + Rosy Glow Perfume

To hit the road in style, spritz one wrist twice with your Driftwood perfume atomizer and the other wrist twice with your Rosy Glow perfume atomizer. Then dab one wrist under your ear, and the other wrist under your other ear. 

Girl Boss

First Snow Perfume + Spring Jasmine Perfume

As a female owned company, naturally, we came up with a mocktail for the girl bosses out there. First Snow and Spring Jasmine combine for bold citrus and spice with a feminine floral. A boss’s secret weapon, the Girl Boss has you smelling amazing and getting things done.















When we wear the Girl Boss, we go to our our rollerball collections! To get rolling, swipe a Spring Jasmine rollerball on one wrist and the First Snow rollerball on the other wrist. Dab your wrists together and under your ears for optimal girl power!

If you’re in need of even more inspo, OF COURSE we’ve got you. Find even more, and maybe even your meant-to-be mocktail, on our Mocktail page on our website. Wild Spirit scents were made to be mixed and matched, so when in doubt, try it out!


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